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Jul 17, 2017 09:26 AM

Chiefs can't afford to lose Gordinho

Rumour has it that Chiefs are considering a swap deal to lure Musa Lebusa to Naturena and Gordinho going to Ajax I personally think its a suicidal thing to do because Gordinho plays a huge role in the amakhosi set up he even score goals for Chiefs when the so called strikers can't step up and do their jobs for crying out loud the boy has talent and a potential to become a world class defender so letting him go now is not a good idea I know that the management might be thinking that they'll lose him to overseas team but thats good for business isn't it coz you'll sell him and make a huge profit to buy players that you want or need going forward I mean like they just signed Hadebe what if he'll partner well with Gordinho coz age is not on Mathoho's side so for me it doesn't make sense to go and get a left back when you have the likes of Khumalo and Masilela I sometimes think that Chiefs doesn't have direction its like a headless chicken going back and fourth they really can't afford to lose Gordinho they'd rather lose Bobby coz it seems like he doesnt know what he is doing did he even play soccer? I hope they'll stop whatever they are considering

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