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Sep 11, 2017 06:00 PM

Players Movement At Chiefs, Who Is Really In Charge? - Reader’s Voice


It is interesting to note the rate at which Chiefs is releasing players. I’m talking about the players, who were acquired last season, and are yet to play a full season league games. 

In an ideal football world, one is persuaded to conclude that it is not the coach who buys players rather it is the team that buys and sells players at their own will without the concern of the coach. If Chiefs is to argue that, the coach is one who approves all the buying and selling of players, then there is something wrong with Steve Komphela.

In Steve’s tenure at Chiefs, players such as Abraw, Manqele, Xulu, Zulu, Katsaviro, and Khumalo were purchased and 12 months down the line the very same players who the team claim have been bought at the request of the coach are being deemed surplus to requirements by the very same coach who recommended them.

This is the wasteful expenditure that the team cannot afford but because Bobby forced these players on the coach, the coach is not playing them and now they are forced to sell them. 

How does the coach recommend players to the team and not play them, how can the coach buy players and release them the following season? 

This indicates that there is a lack of independence of the Kaizer Chiefs coaching staff and the management is the one who identifies, buys and sells players. 

*This article was written by a Soccer Laduma reader and reflects their opinion, not that of Soccer Laduma.

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