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Oct 03, 2017 03:00 PM

Stay Away From Kaizer Chiefs Matches - Reader’s Voice

We love Kaizer Chiefs without a doubt and we are disappointed when they do not deliver as per our expectations.

The PSL is growing stronger and stronger every weekend, therefore as a Kaizer Chiefs fan, I don't expect miracles from them to win each and every game because in sport you win some and lose some at the end of the day. 

What hurts me is the way our requests as supporters are being ignored. 

First, the fans requested a highly competitive squad which was promised to us by Bobby and co, years later, Dololo.

When fans tried to put more pressure on Bobby and his team, Bobby himself told us that it's his father's team implying he will run it the way he sees fit. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't give us all free tickets to attend Chiefs games as we use our hard earned cash to buy tickets to attend games. 

We fill up stadiums so that we can swear at him and jeer Komphela, at the end of the day he has earned something because we bought tickets, his pockets are full and he looks at us as fools. 

If we stop attending those games and let them play in empty stadiums we will not only capture Bobby's attention but that of the shareholders sponsors as well. 

They will lose more than they do on the field of play. 

I say we stay away, starting from the Sundowns game. 

*This article was written by a Soccer Laduma reader and reflects their opinion, not that of Soccer Laduma.

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