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Sep 11, 2017 03:11 PM

The one we all should blame for Bafana Bafana

The appointment of Stuart Buxter gave us hope as a nation. We thought things would go smooth and see our national team participating again in those high competitions. Already things seem to take a dive. Fingers are pointing to the coach, some to the South African Football Assosiation (SAFA).
We've just witnessed Bafana being beaten not once but twice in less than 4 days by one team if which most of us though would be a walk in a park. Limiting our road to Russia as a Nation. What if we took Cape Verde for granted. We as a nation told ourselves Cape Verde is too small for us....and concluded everything. We saw ourselves as winners. Now that didn't happen it started to be a huge disappointment. Cape verde is a small nation yes, but it does not mean they don't have talent. Some players from the Verde team are playing in Portugal.
We are crying and blaming soo much because we as a Nation took Cape verde for granted. Had we played any other so called big team in africa we wouldn't be crying so much because we would have reserved a space of disappointment. Something we forgot to do with this Cape verde because...we took them lightly. In football there's either a win' a lose or a draw.

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