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    Starting XI

    • 1 Keylor Navas Goalkeeper
    • 6 Nacho Defender
    • 2 Daniel Carvajal Defender
    • 4 Sergio Ramos Defender
    • 12 Marcelo Defender
    • 23 Mateo Kovacic Midfielder
    • 10 Luka Modric Midfielder
    • 14 Casemiro Midfielder
    • 22 Isco Midfielder
    • 11 Gareth Bale Striker
    • 7 Cristiano Ronaldo Striker
    • Substitutes

      • 5 Raphael Varane Substitute
      • 17 Lucas Vázquez Substitute
      • 24 Dani Ceballos Substitute
      • 21 Borja Mayoral Substitute
      • 15 Theo Hernández Substitute
      • 13 Kiko Casilla Substitute
      • 8 Toni Kroos Substitute

Real Madrid vs APOEL Nicosia

Real Madrid
Full Time
13 Sep 2017 19:45 Santiago Bernabéu Champions League Round 1
APOEL Nicosia
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12’ Cristiano Ronaldo

51’ Cristiano Ronaldo

61’ Sergio Ramos

93’ FULL-TIME: REAL MADRID 3-0 APOEL NICOSIA. Good game from Real Madrid as they beat Apoel 3-0 at home. They have beaten the weaker opposition convincingly but will look to play better in the tougher upcoming games.
91’ Three minutes of stoppage time added to this half. Real have a corner as Carlao concedes it.
89’ YELLOW! Farias is booked late in the game for a rash challenge on Marcelo. Forth booking of the game.
87’ The Apoel keeper does well again to get to the ball before Ronaldo can get to it.
85’ Ceballos looks to pass the ball but goes for goal in the end with a curling delivery. Waterman does well to keep it out of his goal.
85’ Modric passes the ball to Ronaldo who slots the ball into goal but the offside flag is up and the hat trick goal will be denied.
83’ Mickael Pote replaces Igor de Camargo as Apoel make their final change.
82’ Borja Mayoral replaces Gareth Bale as Real make their final change.
81’ We are in the final 10 minutes of the game and Real are building patiently again, searching for another goal.
78’ The game has slowed down now as they get towards the final ten minutes. Both teams are playing for time now.
74’ Aloneftis does well to set up the chance and Camargo looks to shoot it but his shot goes wide.
73’ Dani Ceballos replaces Isco, who has had a good game today. Ceballos is making his debut in this competition today.
72’ Zahid is going to come on for Ebecilio as Apoel make another change.
71’ Marcelo floats the ball in the box and Bale tries to head it into goal but the keeper is alert and collects the shot well.
68’ Ronaldo gets the ball and looks to score but he hits it straight to the keeper who collects it with ease.
66’ Under 25 minutes remaining in the game and Real have a big lead now. They will look to extend it. Apoel will try to avoid a thrashing here.
63’ YELLOW! A foul on Kroos and Ebecilio is booked for a rash challenge.
61’ Sallai goes off and Farias comes on for Apoel.
61’ GOAL, REAL MADRID, RAMOS! 3-0: Ramos passes the ball to start the move and then he slots in the goal as Bale's header is deflected towards him.
60’ Isco has to make some ground to collect the cross from Ronaldo. He shoots but the ball goes over the net.
59’ Ronaldo tries to get a cross from Bale but he is caught offside and the move ends. Real are finding ways to get through this defence in the second half.
57’ Kroos fires a shot from a long distance but his shot does not trouble anyone as it goes high and wide of goal.
56’ Aloneftis is caught offside as he tries to get on the end of that free kick.
55’ Real are appealing for a penalty. Lago may have clipped Ronaldo in the box but the referee is not interested.
55’ Carvajal fouls Aloneftis and this will be another free kick to Apoel.
53’ YELLOW! Carvajal with a bad foul on Lago and this is the first booking of the game.
53’ YELLOW! Another booking as Sallai is shown the yellow card for a foul on Kroos as Real attack after the free kick.
51’ Replays show it is a crazy way to concede a penalty and Ronaldo stands over the ball to take it.
51’ GOAL, REAL MADRID, RONALDO! 2-0: Ronaldo slots the ball into the left corner of the goal and Real lead by two goals. Ronaldo is on a hat trick.
50’ Apoel have a free kick as Ramos fouls Camargo.
50’ Penalty! Lago concedes a penalty for a hand ball in the box. This is a gift for Real.
49’ Apoel try to build and attack but they give the ball away in the end and Real counter.
48’ Ronaldo is taken down in the box and appeals for a penalty but the referee is not interested.
48’ HALF-TIME: REAL MADRID 1-0 APOEL NICOSIA. Real lead the game 1-0 after the first half and they will have to be patient for their goals. Apoel will be the happier side at the break.
47’ Real have struggled to play freely in the first half. They will want to play better in this half.
47’ Ronaldo appeals for a goal but the ball hits the inside of the cross bar and hits the ground. The referee is certain it did not cross the line.
46’ Three minutes of added time to this half.
46’ Second half begins.
45’ There could be a lot of stoppage time because there were a few delays in the first half.
44’ Aloneftis wins a free kick for Apoel in their own half.
41’ We are in the final five minutes of the first half and it has been a quite game so far. Real have had a lot of shots but only one on goal. Apoel have probed away at time but have been dominated by the hosts.
39’ A warning from Apoel as they almost punish Real for a mistake. But Ebecilio fouls Ramos and Real have a free kick.
38’ Modric makes some space for himself and looks to shoot but Apoel defend well again to deny Real.
38’ Ronaldo tries to guide the ball into goal as Isco's shot is deflected but he fails and the ball goes wide.
37’ Good delivery from Kroos and now Real have a throw in. The throw the ball back and build slowly again.
35’ Kroos intercepts a cross and looks to shoot, but his shot goes behind for a Real corner.
34’ Ronaldo! He stretches full length to get Bale's cross but can't make contact. Replays show he was offside.
33’ Vouros gives away another corner. Kroos delivers the corner into the box, Bale tries to head it into goal but his shot goes over the net.
32’ Good defending from Apoel, they have looked impressive in defence.
30’ Modric evades his defender and looks to shoot from a long range but hits a wall of APOEL defenders.
29’ Here come Real again, with Ronaldo on the left this time. He wins a corner for the hosts as Vouros blocks the ball out.
28’ Apoel have only had a third of the possession, but they have played positively.
27’ Real are building patiently and looking for a gap in the defence.
25’ Toni Kroos replaces Mateo Kovacic as Real take their time with the replacement.
24’ Apoel have asked a few questions of the hosts. They have looked to play positively.
23’ Quiet start to the first half, Real lead by one goal and they have also dominated the possession.
21’ Kovacic is on the ground and getting some attention. Ramos is changing his shoes. A delay in play.
21’ Kovacic is leaving the field. He will be replaced and is disappointed that his game is over.
20’ Isco tries to shoot for goal but it hits a wall of defenders and is deflect. Real build patiently.
19’ Sallai tries a through ball for Apoel, but Camargo is caught offside.
16’ Kovacic with the foul on Morais and the referee has a word with the Real player.
15’ Bale with the cross again and Ronaldo tries to head the ball into goal but only manages to hit the side netting.
15’ It was almost a replay of the first goal, Real are attacking brilliantly on the counter.
14’ Ronaldo has scored 91 goals in 89 appearances for Real in the Champions League so far.
13’ Lago brings the ball forward for Apoel and Ebecilio tries to shoot but is crowded out.
13’ GOAL, REAL MADRID, RONALDO! 1-0: Real attack on the counter, Bale sets up the goal with an accurate cross and Ronaldo slots the ball in to make it 1-0.
11’ A chance for Apoel to put a bit of pressure on Real. Lago gets the free kick, shoots from far and Navas has to palm it over his goal.
10’ A couple of corners in quick succession for Real. The quiet start to the game continues.
8’ First corner of the game Lago concedes it. Apoel clear the corner with ease.
7’ Marcelo looks like he will continue after a short delay in play.
7’ It has been a sluggish start to the game. But Real have dominated the possession.
6’ Ramos puts the ball out of play as Marcelo is down and clutching his back.
4’ Casemiro and Camargo collide and both stay down after the collision. A short delay in play.
3’ Manager Donis watches on as his team settles into this big game.
2’ Real in their usual white kit and Apoel are playing in yellow and blue kit.
2’ Rueda brings down Ronaldo and that will be a free kick to Real.
1’ Kick-off! The first half begins as Real start things off.
0’ Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and APOEL Nicosia from the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid.
0’ Real Madrid: Navas, Carvajal, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo, Modric, Casemiro, Kovacic, Isco, Ronaldo, Bale.
0’ Apoel: Waterman, Vouros, Martinez, Carlao, Lago, Sallai, Morais, Vinicius, Aloneftis, Camargo, Ebecilio.
0’ Real Madrid have not lost in their last five games, they have won three games and drawn two.
0’ Apoel have also won three out of their last five games, but have lost one and drawn one.
0’ APOEL Nicosia XI: Waterman, Rueda, Vouros, Lago, Carlao, Nuno Morais, Aloneftis, Sallai, Vinicius, Ebecilio, de Camargo
0’ APOEL Nicosia Subs: Alexandrou, Raúl Gudiño, Poté, Antoniou, Zahid, Farias, Merkis
0’ Real Madrid XI: Navas, Nacho, Carvajal, Ramos, Marcelo, Kovacic, Modric, Casemiro, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, Isco
0’ Real Madrid Subs: Varane, Lucas Vázquez, Dani Ceballos, Borja Mayoral, Hernández, Kiko Casilla, Kroos


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    Starting XI

    • 99 Boy Waterman Goalkeeper
    • 5 Jesús Rueda Defender
    • 29 Praxitelis Vouros Defender
    • 3 Roberto Lago Defender
    • 50 Carlao Defender
    • 16 Vinicius Midfielder
    • 20 Roland Sallai Midfielder
    • 46 Efstathios Aloneftis Midfielder
    • 26 Nuno Morais Midfielder
    • 9 Igor de Camargo Striker
    • 6 Lorenzo Ebecilio Striker
    • Substitutes

      • 11 Nektarious Alexandrou Substitute
      • 1 Raúl Gudiño Substitute
      • 8 Mickaël Poté Substitute
      • 22 Minas Antoniou Substitute
      • 17 Ghayas Zahid Substitute
      • 25 Carlos Agustin Farias Substitute
      • 30 Giorgos Merkis Substitute