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Default lodrick1990
May 19, 2017 07:02 AM

Paez not a natural striker

When Paez scored his first goal for chiefs a lot was said about him and most of the analysis was he is the solution for the team goal scoring problem. He became very effective more especially when used as a supper sub because he scored some crucial goals for the team and one wonders if he is used in a right position considering his runs to spaces that he makes. Paez is a ball player and if the coach were to play him behind the strikers he would have been more effective coming from the deep than staying upfront waiting for supply because he can offer it. Currently when looking at his style of play one can say he is being played out of position and considering chiefs performance at the moment they are using Maluleke as a link between the midfield and strikers but he is of more defensive and this give chiefs supply upfront limited options hence the team can utilize the agency of Paez who is much quicker and energetic more like Siyabonga Nkosi since he can play quick one two's and that clicks wel in the team's kind of play so I think it will be much influential for the coach to try him as a number ten and see what the player can offer.

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