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Mtwesi mentioned Poisen in: Lebohang cheese boy mokweona


@Poisen did cheese boy reached 30 years??????

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Poisen commented on "Kompela must go we are tired,Bobby must get Eymael."


Sir Steve is going nowhere

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Eek~a~mouse mentioned Poisen in: Chimps Are Scared Of Khune , If Khuzwayo Was Between The Poles Yesterday He Would Be The Scapegoat By Now


@Poisen who is Mbonjana now young man?

5 months ago in News

Poisen commented on "Milutin Sredojevic Has Revealed How He Outsmarted "


Also after scoring a goal and even before our players do not man mark. They dont close down space to play for opposition. They just let them come, invite them to the edge of our 18 area. That is damgerous. After the third goal,this happened. Infact Chiefs had a free header which was a clear goal with no one marking, but the player missed. They could have come back into the game easily. I was sitting on the edge of my chair. There must be cooperation, strikers must not relax and think their work is just for them to wait for the ball to land on their feet. They must help defend. I get so angry when opposition attacks and the player behind the attacker just strolls and models and not run after them, saying let the defenders mark

5 months ago in News

Poisen commented on "Milutin Sredojevic Has Revealed How He Outsmarted "


Your defence Mr Micho is very suspect in defending. Infact let me say the whole team, because we are supposed to attack as a team and defend as a team. I was happy when you took out Morrison because he was just hanging there upfront,not helping in defending. And when you sent Makola I was like oooh No, because that is one player who never want to mark

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Poisen wrote an express yourself article: "Yes nina zinkomo"



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